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Sunday, June 28 2020

We pulled into the RV Park in Calhoun, Georgia two hours later than anticipated. The plan was to end our travels for the day around 5:00, leaving time to grab supper and shower before heading to bed. The heavy rains and traffic had delayed our journey. It had been a long day and quite frankly ministry was not on my radar.

But, there she was! A mother of 3 barely able to place one foot in front of the other and walk to the bathhouse. Her friendly children struck up a long conversation with me as they lovingly admired Xyro and awaited her return. I couldn’t help but ask what happened to their mother. They explained that she had taken a bad fall the day before. My heart ached to witness the pain she was in as she hobbled along.

It was at that moment, I heard the still small voice of the Holy Spirit say, “She doesn’t have to be in pain anymore. You’re here now!” I knew instantly what HE wanted me to do. HE had orchestrated our travels to this exact spot for the night so that I might invite HIS Presence into her situation. I didn’t know her and she didn’t know me...but I was sent to make a difference in her life.

I waited patiently for God’s timing. About an hour later, as I sat watching TV outside, her children showed up. They said their mother requested that I bring Xyro to see her, that she might admire and pet him as they had. I knew this was the opportunity I had been waiting for and I acted swiftly. She stroked Xyro’s long, soft coat and seemed to enjoy the few minutes she didn’t have to focus on the immense pain.

As she sat in the swing outside her humble cabin, I looked into her eyes and asked if she knew JESUS. I told her from the moment I saw her, I knew God wanted me to lay hands on her and pray. She willingly granted me permission.

Bending down, my hands connected with the skin and bone of her badly injured leg and the manifest Presence of God filled the porch. Her tears began to flow as I released a prayer of healing over her and reminded her that God SEES and LOVES her. My guided words then shifted toward the children. As I declared blessings over their lives, they stood in reverence and awe under the power of God’s tangible love. Afterwards, they repeatedly offered their gratitude and held onto me with heartfelt hugs. When I departed, they presented me with these two rocks commemorating our time together and asking that I might not soon forget them.

Making my way back to the RV, I paused in praise and perceived that our previous delay had afforded me the privilege of being RIGHT ON TIME. What an honor it is to serve YOU, Jesus.

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