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Saturday, May 05 2012
Every Single Detail

In 2006, Steve and I were blessed to build our dream home from the ground up.  I was sitting at one of Bryce’s baseball games minding my own business when the Holy Spirit spoke to me, “You’re going to be building a house soon.”  This blog does not afford me ample space to list the miracles God performed in bringing this promise to fruition, but suffice it to say, it was quite a powerful and exciting journey.


Deep into the building process, the Lord spoke again, “You will live in this house for a season and be VERY blessed and then I will require it of you.”  I never fully understood what He meant by this, but as you well know God means what He says and sure enough three and a half years later God required us to sell our beautiful home, complete with all the contents and move quickly to Dallas, Texas. 


I was preaching in South Africa when I received the news from Steve that we would be moving.  The move literally took place in three weeks.  Transferring so quickly, we decided it was best to rent for a year until we could learn more about the Dallas area.  Finding a house to rent wasn’t the easiest thing to do. I remember feeling overwhelmed!  I simply buckled my seatbelt and set out for a new journey with God.


One day while in prayer about a rental house, God said, “What do you want in this house?  Make a list and write it down on paper.”  I seriously had to think for a moment because God had never asked me such a question before.  I quickly retrieved a tablet of paper and began jotting down the desires of my heart in detail.


  • 3000 square feet
  • brick
  • hardwood floors downstairs
  • granite countertops
  • bonus room
  • a swimming pool complete with a fountain flowing into it
  • a hot tub
  • and a nice yard


I made two trips to Dallas in search of rental property, but with no success.  One Sunday evening my cell phone rang.  It was a pastor I had been privileged to meet while visiting Dallas, but knew little about.  His voice on the other end relayed this message, “We were having a Bible study at the home of a friend tonight and one of the prayer requests was that they needed to rent their beautiful home very quickly and needed everyone to pray that God would grant them wonderful renters.  I am wondering if you and Steve would like to meet us at the property in a few minutes to see if this house might be an option for you?”  “Sure,” I replied with great excitement and a pounding heart.


In less than thirty minutes, we arrived at the house and as you can probably guess, it was complete with every single detail on my list. Needless to say, we put a deposit on the house and I immediately traveled back to Tennessee to meet with United Van Lines about transporting our personal items.  My heart and soul rejoiced with God over faithfully meeting the desires of my heart and I joyfully witnessed to friends and family about God’s goodness. 


On my final drive back to Dallas, the enemy started talking to me.  He said, “You’ve witnessed to everybody that this house has EVERY SINGLE DETAIL that you wrote on your list, but it does not. It doesn’t have the fountain flowing into the pool!  So, I guess God isn’t all that great after all now is He?”  For the first time, I realized satan was exactly right.  In all of my excitement I never even noticed there was not a fountain flowing into the pool.  I felt such condemnation in my soul, not because God didn’t deliver, but because I had witnessed to many about God’s goodness and His attention to every detail and I felt like I had unknowingly misrepresented the situation.


Twelve hours later, I arrived in Dallas and went immediately to the property to place our dog, Maxx, in the fenced back yard.  I walked around to the pool and there before my eyes was the most beautiful fountain flowing out of the hot tub into the pool.  The owner came around the corner and said, “The fountain has been broken for a long time, but we had it repaired for you yesterday.”  I stood there in utter amazement and cried!  GOD DID CARE ABOUT EVERY SINGLE DETAIL!  And furthermore, I did not misrepresent anything whatsoever!


One thing I have learned the past few years is this:  



Yes, I already know what you’re thinking..."God does not have time to be interested in what you desire. Surely, He must have bigger and more important details to be concerned with?"  That is exactly the mindset of most Christians, but they are wrong!  God owns everything and He is always willing and desirous to bless us if we will only dare to ASK.  

As a mother, I absolutely love to bless the socks off my children and I have come to realize that God feels the exact same way about each one of His children.  I am privileged to lead a victoriously, blessed life in every area due to the faithful teachings of the Holy Spirit.  I am willing to take my heavenly Father at His Word and simply ask.


You might try it sometime????  But, of course, if you just cannot get your tiny thinking wrapped around such a big revelation of truth, that is perfectly fine too.  I’ll just ask for what belongs to you as well...hahaha



To Be Continued next week...



Posted by: Jeneen AT 10:54 am   |  Permalink   |  2 Comments  |  Email
I asked!!!! Waiting for my blessing...
Posted by Stephanie Sinclair on 05/08/2012 - 12:00 PM
I am believing big this week.Thanks for the encouragement!
Posted by Mendy anderson on 05/09/2012 - 11:02 AM

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