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Sunday, June 17 2012
 Begin Again

Our lives have purpose!  From the moment we enter this earthly realm, flesh fights for dominance.  We see it in a new-born crying infant who screams for it’s own demands.  It is evident in a toddler who pitches a fit when his requests are simply denied.  In the life of a teenager, it can be described as rebellion, but the course of this battle does not cease as an adult until our lives are fully surrendered to God and His great plan.  Our flesh is the enemy of God...Romans 8:7.  For it continuously declares:  I WANT!!!!  On the other hand, surrender says on a daily basis: I GIVE!!!!  I give you my heart, Lord.  I give you my plans!  I give you my dreams!  I give you my mind complete with all of the thoughts, imaginations, and attitudes I have learned and created.  

In our quest to have our own way in life we can make quite a mess of things.  Often, we have allowed our flesh so much control that it may seem impossible to retract and begin again.  This is one of satan’s greatest delusions.  He wants you to believe that you have failed one too many times...that you have sinned too badly for God to ever forgive you or accept you again as one of His children.  Sometimes, we even feel so far off the path God desired for our life that we cannot see any way to ever walk that path successfully again.  The devil is banking on YOU believing that your road to forgiveness is too heavily paved with failure to ever be erased.

Proverbs 28:13 says, “People who cover their sins will not prosper! But, if they CONFESS and FORSAKE them, they will have mercy.”  In other words, if we deny that we even have a sin or failure issue and choose rather to cover up our lifestyle then we will never prosper.  However, to receive mercy (a second, third, fourth chance) from our Father, all that is required is that we ACKNOWLEDGE our sin and shortcomings and RUN from them!  God requires us to OWN OUR FAILURES and stop making excuses for them.  Two of the strongest spirits at work in the earth today are “the spirit of entitlement and the spirit of blame”.  Everyone feels entitled to the blessed life when they have made few choices to acquire it.  If we can just blame the consequences of our choices on everyone and everything else then we are free to feel justified.  My friend, this is a trap!

Look deep into your own life today.  Accept the advice of Proverbs.  Confess your own sins to God and forsake the road you have traveled.  A blessed and fulfilled life is waiting out there for you!  Stop trying to figure your entire future out TODAY!  The road to happiness is not paved with huge leaps, but with small, consistent and deliberate steps.  Jesus himself even said, “Whoever desires to follow Me must DENY himself and take up his cross DAILY.” (Luke 9:23)



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Thanks for reminding me of God's great mercy!
Posted by Terri on 06/18/2012 - 08:57 PM

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