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Monday, November 19 2012
Thanksgiving Traditions

Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE traditions?  For our family, there is no time to practice them like the holidays!  Traditions usher in a sense of familiarity and excitement within this crew.  We look forward each year to knowing just what the menu and schedule of events for Thanksgiving and Christmas will be.


Our menu for Thanksgiving Day has evolved over the years as each member of the family developed a love of their favorite dish.  We bake both turkey and smoked ham, followed by a smorgasbord of seventeen other complementary dishes and desserts.  It’s enough to feast on for days...and we do!  A special bowl is selected each year, entitled “The Blessing Bowl”.  Throughout the day of fun and fellowship, each member of the family finds their own intimate moment to steal away and add personal and unique tokens of gratitude to the bowl.  After the Thanksgiving meal, our children with pen and paper in hand, excitedly compile their long, awaited Christmas lists.


When our children were small, Steve and I were part of the mentally unstable group who rolls out of bed sometime around 4:00 am to fight the crowds of BLACK FRIDAY.  We loved that time together and took great pride in checking off the lists the kids had made the previous day and creatively deciding upon a new hiding place for this year’s gifts.  That evening, our entire extended family meets for supper in town, foregoing the traditional turkey for at least one meal.


Every Saturday after Thanksgiving is reserved for ushering in the spirit of Christmas!  We attend the matinee Christmas movie of the season and as the children have gotten older we have added the Christmas symphony to our list of fun.  All to be followed by the lighting and decorating of our family tree and NO trimming of the tree would be complete without Christmas music and the smell of spiced cider brewing in the background.


As a favorite song suggests, “IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!”


There is absolutely no greater earthly treasure lavished upon us by the Father above like the gift of Family!  The cords of love run so very deep!  This week, I am thankful for every moment I’ve been given with each member of my or deceased.  The part each of you plays/played in my life has shaped my heart of gratitude.  Everyone of you are/were special and unique, fashioned by our Great God unto good works and notable legacy.  YOU ARE VALUABLE INDEED!  This is the first year we will NOT be together, following our most-loved traditions, but as I travel know that YOU are in my heart, bringing memorable smiles to my face.  May the satisfying and fulfilling love of God permeate your hearts with thanksgivings!  




Jeneen, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Sister-in-law, and friend

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