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Wednesday, December 05 2012

They said to one another, “Here comes this dreamer!”  Genesis 37:19



What can I say?  I am one of those - A DREAMER!  I always have been, even as a little girl.  No matter what situation I find myself in, there is always a greater dream within my heart.  Dreaming for me has never been a product of discontent!  I simply thrive on the confidence of knowing I am a Child of the Most High, therefore “all things are mine and nothing is impossible.”  In 2006, this dreaming of mine went to a whole new level as I began to witness my dreams coming to pass.  With burning passion, I found myself even designating certain days just for dreaming!  Often, I would get into my car and set out to dream of greater territory, greater prosperity, and greater influence!  It was not long before my dreaming rubbed off on personal friends and family members.  Together, we would stop what we were often doing and say, “Let’s go dreaming today!”


Now, I know what some are probably thinking right now - “Who has time to dream?  I’m way too busy for that! Why waste time wishing for things you cannot have?  I can sure think of better ways to spend my time!” Yes, I DO receive quite a bit of persecution for dreaming, but it never bothers me.  I simply dream a bigger dream!


Over the past three years, my dreaming has diminished a bit!  I have been in a different season of life, a season of isolation and regeneration!  However, on several different occasions recently, God has sent a man of God my way to remind me to start DREAMING AGAIN.  Yesterday, after spending time with God in prayer, a message posted to my FaceBook stating that it is time to DREAM AGAIN!  After my prayer time today, I picked up a book I have been slowly, steadily reading the past two months, but have not picked up in two weeks and the opening pages where I had left off were entitled - DREAMING.  Call this a coincidence?  I think NOT!  It is once again a season where dreams shall come to pass before my very eyes!


I have never fully comprehended just why the Holy Spirit seems to guide me this way.  In comparison, I certainly appear to be an odd “cookie”.  However, TODAY, God graciously chose to give me understanding...


“Our dreams matter.  I believe God engineered each of us to dream - to envision the fulfillment of our hopes and desires.  In fact, dreaming is so vital for us that without it, none of us will reach our full potential in life.  A dream is like a buoy that lifts us above mediocrity and monotony.  Yet even more fundamentally, dreaming keeps us ALIVE, because it connects us to vision.  The New American Standard Bible translates Proverbs 29:18 this way - Where there is no vision, the people “let go”, “neglect”, or “give up”. The final result is that we perish and it all happens through lack of vision.”

- Money and the Prosperous Soul by Stephen K. De Silva (Bethel Church)


Do you have dreams stored away in your heart?  Perhaps, you have never even allowed yourself to dream?  Maybe you are too afraid to dream?  Is the possibility of your dreams never being fulfilled much too weighty to EVER allow yourself to go there?  God is speaking to you today - It is time to dream again! 

My desire for YOU this holiday season is that you will prioritize and set aside the much needed time to curl up with pen, paper, and the dream-giver Himself.  As you ponder all these things in your heart, compile a list of the desires that lie dormant within your soul.  Did you know that God Himself placed those desires within you? Allow yourself to begin to dream. Do not be afraid to "Call those things that be NOT as though they ARE." - Romans 4:17  God desires to fill you with awe and give flight to your dreams.  Will you believe?


Blessings and Faith In You Always,


Posted by: Jeneen AT 02:42 pm   |  Permalink   |  4 Comments  |  Email
Good Morning Beauuuutiful Lady of the Lord, As you know I am also blessed with a hyperactive Dream Gene. Reading your wise words caused me to make a connection between my rant in the family newsletter of two weeks ago about Despair and your Active Dreaming. Could it be that Dreaming is not only an antidote for despair but in fact it is it's exact opposite? Sue and I have recently read a book that adds fortification to those that dream. It is called Daring Greatly by Brene' Brown. It is well worth the read. Thanks for all that you do to share who you are. LOVE
Posted by neil on 12/06/2012 - 07:52 AM
Thanks for sharing your heart today, Neil. I've had so much feedback through email, texts and FB on this particular Blog. Everyone deserves to dream. Not only do they deserve it...It is vital and necessary! I certainly believe dreaming is the opposite of despair! I'm going to see if I can get my hands on the book you recently finished. Sounds great! LOVE
Posted by Jeneen on 12/06/2012 - 12:46 PM
blessings to you and family beloved sis love your page w o g keep me in your prayers shalom
Posted by marie on 01/16/2013 - 08:58 AM
This is awesome!!! Getting my pen & paper out & inviting the Creator if the Universe to inspire me again & again feels like a touch of Heaven! Show us Your Glory, God; as we long for Your Dream to unfold beautifully before us! \o/
Posted by Angela Hatcher on 04/26/2013 - 02:46 PM

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