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Thursday, January 24 2013
 Quadriplegic Christianity

My father sustained irreversible injuries from a terrible motorcycle accident when I was eleven years old, which left him as a quadriplegic.  A once very free, extremely active, nature-loving, jack-of-all-trades kind of guy who was full of life was suddenly reduced to a life of physical bondage for more than twenty years.  I often wondered as I watched him what it would feel like to be forever dependent upon another to feed, clothe, scratch my itch or blow my nose!  What an incredible man he was, but despite his brain operating at maximum potential, the lack of movement and inability to feel touch below his neck reduced him to living life only in part.  He passed away in 2001.  I love and miss you, Daddy. 


Today, the Lord related my father’s condition to a spiritual epidemic occurring in the church!  Just like him, so many Christians have one component of their lives operating at maximum potential, while the other portion exists in a paralyzed, lifeless state. 


Man is comprised of three parts: spirit, soul, and body.  These work together to perfect WHOLENESS.  Complete fulfillment and satisfaction is only found in the BALANCE of all three.  We are called to action and service by walking in our own unique life’s purpose (our calling or career) and actively representing our Lord in the earth, BUT God’s Word also cautions us against neglecting to care for our spirit and soul.


Proverbs 4:23 reminds us to “Guard your heart (spirit), for everything you do flows from it.”  We are commanded to be the gatekeepers of our own spirits.  Only YOU can control the entrance to your heart.  What are you giving access to?  To function as a WHOLE person, you must consistently build yourself up on spiritual truths.  Every decision you make flows from the abundance of your heart.  In order to make wise decisions, you must place important emphasis on nourishing your spirit.


Few understand the connection between success and the prosperity of one’s soul.  Our soul is comprised of our mind, will, and emotions.  3 John 1:2 says, “Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and prosperity, “even as” your soul prospers.”  “EVEN AS” means “ACCORDING TO”.  Your health and the growth of ALL areas in your life, whether it be financially, emotionally, spiritually or socially is dependent upon the condition of your mind, will and emotions.  


Have bitterness and negativity left you paralyzed?  Or perhaps doubt and worry?  Are you bent on getting your way, controlling, and selfish?  Do you subject your mind to debilitating messages through TV, radio, Internet, or books?  Until you grasp the importance of a healthy soul, you will limit the prosperous life you were created to occupy!


Our spirit (heart), soul (mind, will and emotions), and body were created by God to work together in congruence to deliver optimum fulfillment in this life.  When one of these areas is lacking, it creates a lifeless, paralyzing condition.  My father’s motorcycle accident was irreversible, but you have been given today!  A day to establish turn-around.  May God enlighten you to any areas of paralysis in your own life and may YOU choose to make strides in 2013 to experience WHOLENESS and joy beyond compare.


Blessings Always,


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i want to dream bigger this year thab ever before. i have let myself for a few years be afraid to dream!!! God has given me promises and dreams that i have not seen fufilled, but God is a big god and nothing is impossibe or to big for my God!!!! dream with me my daughter love and prayers, nana
Posted by terecia lilly goodman on 02/06/2013 - 09:42 PM

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