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Monday, September 15 2014

Marriage Keys

Ladies, are you really interested in having a bond of great joy and fulfillment with your husband?  We live in a world that is more interested in making sure the community thinks our marriage looks good and have it all together, than focusing inwardly at home, inside the real circumstances of a bond between a man and a woman. There are certainly many facets to a good marriage.  No one can simply focus on one aspect and expect to achieve joy and fulfillment.  Undoubtedly, the foundational building blocks of a great marriage are love, commitment, and covenant partnership with the Lord.  But then there are those daily gestures that will keep him knowing that HE IS THE MAN!

Because men are very visual creatures, it is important that we keep ourselves in proper shape and exhibit daily the beauty that originally drew our husbands to us in the first place.  When we arrive at a place where it no longer feels necessary to capture his attention, we enter into a danger zone because someone WILL capture his attention.  So, why not let it be YOU!  Dress up.  Put a little paint on the barn and every once in a while ask HIM to accompany you on your next shopping trip to choose your new clothes. I found out that some of the clothes I like to wear and thought looked pretty on me were not Steve’s idea of pretty at all.  I hear women saying, “Who cares if he likes it. Because if I like it, I’m gonna wear it!” I enjoy looking pretty for my husband.  He is the first person I set out to please.

Hey, it’s no secret...We all know men love sex!  But, what we sometimes don’t realize is that men also like variety.  They’re spontaneous creatures.  The same ole, same ole gets boring and ceases to entice.  Stir things up a bit.  Start being fun and fun to be with again.  Do something you haven’t done together in ages.  Really surprise him!

As the old saying goes, laughter does a body good.  Well, laughter also does a marriage good.  When was the last time you laughed together?  Sometimes, Steve and I laugh so hard together, we cry!  Everything about life shouldn’t be so serious.  Rekindle the old “inside jokes” between one another and maybe even create some new ones.

It may sound foreign to you, but YOU were given to your husband as HIS helpmate.  That is your Biblical definition and we know this word covers a vast number of ideas.  Let your husband know that he comes first on your agenda.  No, not the children!  God never asked you to place the children before your husband.  Tomorrow, shock your husband by asking if you can do anything for him.  Perhaps he needs a button sewn on his sleeve, or he needs you to pick something up at Walmart that he hasn’t been able to swing by and get.  Or, maybe he needs you to make him a yearly doctor appointment?  Whatever he needs, let him know you are at his disposal.  

Another aspect of being his helpmate is RESPECT!  I can hear Aretha Franklin singing as I write.  Friends, regardless of what you might have thought, RESPECT is the number one desire of a good man.  It is possible for a man to receive sex from any female human being, but a good man will be drawn to the one woman who highly respects him.  The woman who lifts him up with encouragement and honor.  That is why you often see a husband go astray and wonder why the woman he runs to may not be as beautiful as the wife he left.  The key is often that he found a deeper sense of respect and the respect was attractive.  It was enticing!  

You have been given a wonderful man!  There is no greater reward as a wife than to make him the happiest man alive.  We need to treat our husbands better than we treat anyone else upon the earth.  Maybe you’ve experienced struggle in your marriage this year...I dare you to devote yourself to your husband and practicing these few keys to a fulfilling marriage. Soon, your struggle just may end in a delightful place you have never experienced before.  Go for it!

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A wise and good friend of mine once told me " It's easy to be good to someone who's good to you!" If you want to receive respect and love from your husband than GIVE IT!
Posted by Renay on 09/15/2014 - 06:03 PM

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