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Tuesday, August 09 2016

Did you know that nothing can unlock the potential inside a man like his wife can!

It is why we were created. 

God brought us out of man in order to stand us beside him. We were not created to compete with him, but to complete him. We are his helpmate and the completion of his potential.  My greatest privilege upon this earth is to stand beside Stephen Edward Kohler – to pour into his life – being assured that when he succeeds, I also succeed.

A good woman is hard to find and worth far more than diamonds! Her husband trusts her without reserve and never has reason to regret it. Never spiteful, she treats him generously all her life long. Proverbs 31:10-11 MSG

One of the practical ways that I draw out the fullness of my husband’s potential is through prayer. Every Monday thru Friday that I am in town I drive to his work place, park in the parking lot and cover him in prayer.  Yes, I realize that I could simply pray from home, but something powerful takes place when I pray upon the soil that God has given him jurisdiction over.

Prayer is a partnership with God. It is my joy to hear what God’s will is in heaven for my husband and then partner with God in pulling this plan down to earth through prayer. In order to do so I must remain in tune with Holy Spirit . When I do, I no longer see circumstances as they appear. My eyes are opened to the lies and strategies of the enemy and I begin to view our circumstances from heaven’s perspective.

Once my vision is clear, I then devise a combative strategy of my own:

I begin with a Blessing. With the authority I have been given as a child of God I bless my husband from the top of his head to the soles of his feet – I bless his body that he may be well and operate with a sound mind – I bless his spirit that he would be whole and lacking nothing in his spirit man – I bless everything he places his hands to – the 500+ employees that he leads at Thalle Construction Co, and ask God to favor and prosper the works of his hands - I declare Jesus Christ to be his strong portion!

Secondly, I ask for grace upon his life. Grace is the unmerited favor and help of the Lord. When we ask for the grace of God to envelop our lives, God adds His “super” to our natural abilities and equips us to do things we otherwise would not have the ability or the credentials to do. Grace makes the impossible possible! When I first married Steve he was a gorgeous athlete who idolized sports, and although his work ethic has always been unmatched he knew absolutely nothing about providing for a family. In the 28 years that we have been married, I have seen God grace my husband with opportunities that do not present themselves to just anyone. God has truly added His grace to Steve’s sacrifice, hard work and diligence and ushered us into the land of impossibility.

Thirdly, I make declarations over my husband’s life! So often, we underestimate the power of words! Words carry tremendous power. More power than any man-made weapon. Words have the ability to shift entire atmospheres. With my words I have the ability to build up or tear down. I make a conscious decision to use my words to lift my husband to incredible heights. I declare the promises of God over his life. I remind him that he is a King! I call those things that “are not” as though they were and I rejoice as I witness the decrees established in his life. (Job 22:28)

Do you desire to see your husband succeed and take new territory? You have the ability and the responsibility to unlock that potential inside your man. You are his God-given helpmate - the completion of his purpose. Start praying you powerful woman!

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