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Tuesday, September 20 2016

Obedience IS better than sacrifice but it probably won’t win you any popularity contests.

Obedience positions you in the perfect will of God – under the hedge of His protective covering – and is the navigator toward personal destiny.

Your next season is dependent upon the steps of obedience you choose to take right now and your ability to obey will be dependent upon your ability to hear God’s voice.

However, those closest to you and the onlookers peering through the circle of your life will not always support your decision to follow God. Nowadays, the general population thinks you’re crazy if you admit to hearing the voice of God, much less following that same voice in obedience.

The naysayers and others around you often reduce your obedience to their own level of natural understanding. For example: resigning from your well-paying job right in the middle of a great recession and selling the dream house you recently built just because God asked you to can be misconstrued as “You were let go by your boss because the company downsized and were forced to sell your house before it went into foreclosure.”

The judgment can be painful even though there is no truth in it but I have learned that I am not responsible to make sure everyone understands my obedience. I am merely called to obey. During these times, I didn't need to refute their misguided statements.  What looked like the death of our dreams to others was ultimately the road less traveled to our next level of blessing.

We can also see this truth displayed through the life of Jesus as He suffered on the cross for the sins of all mankind. The onlookers reduced His death to punishment for disobedience to the Law. The crowd boasted that Jesus was finally getting what He deserved.

It is important to realize, the reason Jesus hung on the cross was not because He was DISobedient but because He was acting in perfect obedience to His Father in heaven. Trust me…it wasn’t the soldiers and and the guards that held Him on the cross! Jesus could have called an entire protective legion of angels and the Roman soldiers could have never touched Him. What looked like the death of Jesus was simply His obedience on display.

The crowd begged Him for an explanation: “If you really are the Son of God then open your mouth and say something! Save Yourself!” But, Jesus trusted the explanation to the outcome…Oh, did you hear that? Jesus trusted the explanation of His obedience to the outcome!  And, soon everyone witnessed the outcome of His obedience.

So it is with your life. You are commanded to obey the voice and direction of God. You are not responsible to explain your actions to the crowd. Trust the explanation of your obedience to the outcome. Your obedience will always reap blessing and when the glory and honor of God hovers over your life like a thick cloud everyone will notice. 

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Great word. As we sit here in the hospital reading this, it's just more confirmation to walk out in Obedience no matter what, because Gods plan will align itself to you.
Posted by Krissy on 09/21/2016 - 09:06 AM

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